Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Delta to offer WiFi on domestic flights

Big news for Atlanta travellers: Delta will soon offer WiFi Internet service on its entire domestic fleet. And sooner than you might expect!

Utilizing the GoGo service from Aircell, they'll offer WiFi beginning this fall on MD-88's and MD-90's (great choice, since the MD-88's currently offer ZERO entertainment), expanding to include the rest of the mainline domestic fleet by the end of 2009. The cost will be reasonable: $9.95 for flights less than three hours, $12.95 for more than three hours.

I'm pretty excited. I totally see myself using this on flights of 2 hours (wheels up to wheels down) or more. How cool will it be to track my own flight at FlightAware? Or listen to my ATC traffic at LiveATC.net? Or post photos of my flight on Flickr while I'm still on it? If there's a downside to this, it's that companies may begin to expect that employees be available and responding to email/IM/etc. during business travel...


Marcus Oh said...

saw this on cnn. 9.95 is steep for wireless when it's damn near a commodity and practically an entitlement.

i think i'll blow the lid off the whole thing and expense it on my next flight. then everyone who travels for business will be expected to be available. :D btw, maybe you can skype over it and annoy your fellow passenger since they won't allow cell phone use.

pattaya villas said...

All airlines should follow this example. Internet connectivity during flights is now a necessity that passengers should have.