Monday, August 18, 2008

Planespotting at PDK

I was over near PDK yesterday and decided to take the camera for a few shots. It's been maybe a couple of years since I stopped by. They've really done the place up. The venerable Downwind Restaurant is still there of course, but the airport has built a park right next door to the restaurant. It's fun for the whole family. A playground, bathrooms, shady shelter, and an observation platform that gets you above the fence for photography, right at the intersection of RWYS 16/34 and 2L/20R. Parking is free, and you won't want for activity: PDK is the 2nd busiest airport in Georgia after Hartsfield-Jackson.

A half-decent aircraft photo from the platform:
N914CR - Raytheon (Beechcraft) Bonanza G36

The weather turned pretty crappy pretty quickly so the photos aren't that great. But if you want to see the rest of them, they're here.


Anonymous said...

as a future pilot, training will include verifying correct runways. all runways use magnetic headings without the '0'. therefore any one runway will have its other end separated by '18'. in this case the other end of '34' is '16'. I'm fairly certain, since I have landed on both ends. cool scud running video from UK.

Andrew Cohen said...

Of course you are correct. I've updated the blog entry accordingly.